Network APT Security

  • Unlimited Distributed Architecture

    Arctos Network Security has a flexible architecture to protect your cyber infrastructure across different geographic locations with the analytics appliance deployed as a hardware or cloud solution.

  • Real-time Detection

    Arctos Network Security detects network breaches in real time helping organizations to apply security policies to contain the threats in short time

  • Accurate Detection

    Our unique analytics methods correlate more security events to accurately detect and classify threats in your network with reduced false alerts

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responsive devices

Security Enhanced

Targeted attacks are becoming more stealth and traditional security vendors often fail to identify them, all the large and small organizations are at the risk of being breached. Attackers take advantage of weaknesses in public websites to attack users. 69% of breaches are discovered and notified by 3rd parties. In a year cybercrime costs companies $400 billion and average US firm loses $15 million.

Arctos Network Security detects advanced targeted persistent 0 day threats to assist organizations upgrade their defense against next generation cyber attacks. Arctos threat analytics leverages the power of advanced security analytics methods applying the machine learning techniques on behavior detection methods to detect familiar and unknown impeding threats.

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Data Sheet

Find how Arctos network security detects APT attacks in your network infrastructure