Proactive Threat Intelligence Feeds

Actionalble intelligence feeds for Suricata, OSQuery, Yara

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Arctos Threat intelligence feeds provides proactive actionable rules to detect latest malware, trojan, backdoors, worms, virus, botnets, exploits, RATS, phishing and other cyber threats. Our feeds helps you, hunt threats in your IT infratructure and, to protect your enterprise from the latest malware, cybercrime, and other cybersecurity threats. Our research lab delivers real-time actionable threat intelligence feeds, which could be a part of your threat hunting process to look for and block cyber-attacks in your IT infrastructure. We provide actionable context around a threat activity, including indicators of compromise (IoC), indicators of attack (IoA), and the identity of the attacker.

Usually your security professionals have to wait for weeks to get detection rules added by security vendors to detect threats in their network infrastructure. With Arctos intelligence feeds your SOC team can proactively hunt threats in your network. Our research lab leverages global zero-day threat monitoring sensor network, automated threat analysis sandbox infrastructure and intelligence development technology to offer detection for advanced threats in near real-time. With thousands of interceptors and sensors deployed in strategic locations around the globe we come across more malware threats than any other security organization in the world.

Immediate update

The moment we learn about new cyber-attack in any part of the world we alert you immediately with intelligence to fight similar attack

More threat coverage

Our analysis system process more than 320,000+ unique malware threats every day. We replicate them in multiple sandbox environments to extract IOCs

Accurate Detection

We have best in the class quality test process, for accurate threat detection and, to avoid false positives in our actionable intelligence context.

Premium Suricata Rules

Enhance your Suricata IPS threat blocking capability to match commercial IPS products. Premium rules helps your Suricata IPS to block botnet CnC communication 18x more than ET feeds.

OSQuery PRO-Hunting feeds

OSQuery PRO-hunting feeds weaponises your EDR with proactive cyber threat behavior hunting queries to look for latest malware threats hiding in your endpoints.


Enhance your threat look up with xPRO Yara rules to hunt latest threats (malware families) in your assets using accurate textual and binary patterns.

Arctos Threat intelligence provides actionable cyber-attack intelligence to strengthen your fight against cyber attacks