Incident Response(L2) Automation

Handle every alert with best in class security incident response (IR) process

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For every alert, Rapid Responder delivers the best response process to contain & neutralize the threats immediately


Receive alerts automatically

Rapid Responder integrates with your existing security solutions to automatically receive the alerts and, initiates an investigation. It facilitates your security response team to deliver best in class response to every alert. Check supported products

Investigate every alert

Enterprises have invested in multiple cyber security solutions. Among thousands of alerts, the incident response engineers prioritize and investigate only the alerts that they consider a threat. All the other alerts reported by security solutions go uninvestigated. There are many instances in which the alerts that are not investigated turned out to be disastrous for organizations, resulted in theft, loss, and exposure of sensitive data.


Automated Endpoint Forensics

After receiving the alert Rapid Responder interprets the IOC information and launches a customized forensic investigation to examine the corresponding endpoint. The forensic investigation is modeled after the probing processes that are, widely accepted and, practiced by top cyber forensic investigators.

No Endpoint agent

Existing endpoint security response solutions are required to be installed on every computer to be efficient. Rapid Responder injects a temporary non-persistent probe on endpoints during the investigation, which will be removed after the investigation is completed. The probe doesn't require PowerShell (or) any 3rd party software installed in the endpoints

Parallel investigations

Rapid Responder can concurrently, interpret numerous alerts and, execute forensic investigations in multiple endpoints at the same time to acquire pieces of evidence, and identifying threats, avoiding the bottleneck in security response operation.

Threat Hunting using AI

Rapid Responder analyses the collected objects using threat detection algorithms that use predictive analytics to identify threat anomalies found in earlier known predicted similar and unknown attacks.

Reputation Cloud

Different forensic objects collected during the probe are verified for maliciousness against our known threat objects reputation database in the cloud.


Neutralize & Remove threats

Rapid Responder neutralizes the threats from your endpoint immediately before it steals, destroys sensitive information or spreads largely in your network. Threats are removed completely by applying appropriate mitigation actions, which varies for the different type of malicious objects.

Automated remediation

Rapid Responder can automatically kill the process, delete or quarantine a file, uninstall a service or driver, block an IP and modify registry settings without analyst intervention to recover the endpoint from cyber-attack.

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Arctos Rapid Responder is the first automated L2 incident response solution

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